Linen and Laundry Services

Most people would not give a second thought on the cleanliness of the linen they use at hospitals and healthcare centres. However, its importance cannot be understated as the quality of the linen is a reflection of how the establishment cares for its customers’ experience.

Each linen that passes through Medivest goes through a meticulous degree of care throughout the entire laundry process. Using highly stringent processes - from the application of detergents to water quality, from sterilisation to folding and packing.

Scope of services:
  • Transportation, supply and delivery of clean linen.
  • Collection of used and soiled linen from clients.
  • Mending, washing, thermal disinfection and finishing of linen.
  • Starching and pressing services.
  • Routine tests for whiteness, chemical residue, tensile strength and bacteria count.